About 10hotels

Not just a room for the night...

10hotels started back in 2021 as a new kind of hotel guide, in which we present a carefully selected range of the world's finest hideaways. For each destination we showcase 10 unique hotels, lodges and guesthouses that are really worth staying at.

All properties featured in our guides are unique in style, defined by a charming atmosphere, strong personality, attention to detail and outstanding service, helping travelers like you to create an exceptional holiday experience.

Wild Coast Tented Lodge

Wild Coast Tented Lodge, Sri Lanka

Deplar Farm

Deplar Farm, Iceland

We are not an online booking platform. Our team of passionate hotel lovers travels around the world to find these exceptional accomodation. All listings in our hotel guides are independently selected by us and we provide contact details of the properties so you can easily get in contact with them for more information or book your stay.